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Billing Name: CRC OF IOWA INC
Township: 07
Parcel: 4128
PIN Number: 0826402017
Tax Code: 03
Property Address: 361 15 AVE
Zip: 61244
Billing Address: PO BOX 869
Zip: 52722
Property Class: R
Legal Description: LOT 1 BLOCK 161

General Homestead Exemption Flag(Owner Occupied): Y
Senior Homestead: N
Senior Freeze Exemption Flag: N
Home Improvement Flag: N
Disabled Persons Homestead Exemption: N
Disabled Veterans Standard Homestead Exemption: N
Returning Veterans Exemption: N
Farm Land Flag: N
Exempt Flag: N
Current Residential Land Valuation: 1533
Current Farm Land Valuation: 0
Current Residential Building Valuation: 18672
Current Farm Building Valuation: 0
Current Total Valuation: 20205
Previous Residential Land Valuation: 1509
Previous Farm Land Valuation: 0
Previous Residential Building Valuation: 18378
Previous Farm Building Valuation: 0
Previous Total Valuation: 19887
Sale - Month/Year: 04/2016
Sale - Amount: $10.00
Building Type: 1.5 Story
Year Built: 1915
Garage Square Feet: Information not available, please contact your township assessor.
Building Square Feet: 720
Approx. Lot Square Footage: 3,120
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Previous Valuations - as shown, represent the 2017 Final Assessments.

Current Valuations - as shown, are considered to be a work in progress for the 2018 assessment year, pending finalization by the Board of Review.