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Our Mission Statement: To provide fair, accurate, and equitable assessments to all property owners in Rock Island County

To All Rock Island County Taxpayers:

It's that time again where our office fulfills the statutory requirement to publish new property assessment changes made by your township assessor for the 2016 assessment year.

These assessments are determined by your township assessor for a four year period. Within this four year period, the Illinois Property Tax Code ExternalLink.gif calls the first year the "general" assessment year. The next three years are called the "non general" assessment years. The four year period we are currently in started with the 2015 assessment year and continues through the 2018 assessment year. This 2016 non general assessment year is the second year of this four year period.

The township assessor's duty during non general assessment years, 2016 through 2018, is to value new property that is not yet on the assessment rolls and to adjust assessments for properties valued during the general assessment year to equalize assessments when appropriate. Using equalization factors, they may apply these factors to all parcels in the township or to classes of property. If the township assessor changes your assessment for any year, you will be notified by mail from the County Assessment Office.

In the first year of the general assessment period, which was 2015, the Illinois Property Tax Code (Code) directs the township assessor "in person or by deputy (to) actually view and determine as near as practicable the value of each property listed for taxation as of January 1 of that year...."

The 2016 assessment year, which will be the taxes payable in 2017, has been completed. I am providing a list of all assessment changes made by the assessor. Click here to view those listings. Each township list will display the 2015 assessment and the new 2016 assessment made by the township assessor. Should you have questions in regard to these changes, feel free to contact your township assessor.

The Code informs assessment officials that the property record system shall include up-to-date and complete tax maps, ownership lists, valuation standards (calculation used to value your property) and property record cards, including appraisals, for all or any part of the property in the township. The township assessor maintains property record cards and are available by contacting your township assessor. These records are public records, and shall be available for public inspection during business hours, subject to reasonable rules and regulations of the custodian of the records.

If you disagree with the valuation determined by your township assessor, let me suggest that you first discuss the assessment with your township assessor. Request from them your property record card, as that will help you determine if your property information is correct. After discussing the assessment with your assessor and determine that you are dissatisfied with your assessment, you may file an assessment complaint with the Board of Review. Click here for forms and information on how to file an assessment complaint. Please remember that discussing your assessment with the township assessor does not grant you additional time to file a complaint with the Board of Review. Assessment complaints must be filed by October 17, 2016 to the Board. Your assessor can provide you with comparable sales or you can Click here for all sales in Rock Island County for the years 2013 through 2015 (assessed values are determined based on the previous three year's sales).

The Property Tax Code requires that the Chief County Assessment Officer mail a notice and publish the assessment change made by your township assessor for your property. Your assessment may still change by an equalization factor applied by the Chief County Assessment Officer that is determined by a sales ratio study that was performed for each township. Click here to see what factors have been applied to all parcels in the townships.

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Larry A. Wilson
Chief County Assessor

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Assessment Search Changes
Additional information has now been added to the Assessment Search results. The Approximate Lot Square Footage is now listed at the very bottom of the listing. Please remember that the square footage is not survey grade. We provide an approximate size for assessment purposes only. Click here to begin your assessment search.

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