County Board:
Public Works Committee - 2014 Meeting Schedule:    Standing Committee
Meetings are held monthly or as deemed necessary.
Date & Packet: Time: Agenda: Minutes:
January 15th 3:00 PM PW-A011514 PW-M011514
February 11th 3:00 PM PW-A021114 PW-M021114
March 12th 3:00 PM PW-A031214 PW-M031214
April 9th 3:00 PM PW-A040914 PW-M040914
May 14th 3:00 PM PW-A051414 PW-M051414
June 11th 3:00 PM PW-A061114 PW-M061114
July 9th 3:00 PM PW-A070914 PW-M070914
August 13th 3:00 PM PW-A081314 PW-M081314
September 10th 3:00 PM PW-A091014 PW-M091014
October 15th 3:00 PM PW-A101514 PW-M101514
November 12th 3:00 PM PW-A111214 PW-M111214
December 10th 3:00 PM PW-A121014  PW-M121014

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