Court Administration:

Court Administrator's Office
Fourteenth Judicial Circuit

Judge's Directory

Circuit Judges - Rock Island County

Jeffery W. O’Connor, Chief Judge – Civil / Criminal Felony Division
Walter D. Braud – Criminal Felony Division
Lori R. Lefstein – Civil Division
F. Michael Meersman – Criminal Felony Division
Mark A. VandeWiele – Civil Division / Arbitration Supervising Judge
Frank R. Fuhr – Civil Division / Criminal Felony Division
James G. Conway – Civil Division
Clarence M. Darrow – Civil Division

Circuit Judge - Mercer County

James G. Conway - General Jurisdiction

Associate Judge - Mercer County

Gregory G. Chickris - General Jurisdiction

Circuit Judge - Henry County

Ted J. Hamer - General Jurisdiction
Charles H. Stengel - General Jurisdiction

Circuit Judges - Whiteside County

John L. Hauptman - General Jurisdiction
Stanley B. Steines - General Jurisdiction

Associate Judges

Michael R. Albert - Whiteside County
John L. Bell - General Jurisdiction
Thomas C. Berglund - General Jurisdiction
Raymond J. Conklin - Juvenile Court
Dana R. McReynolds - General Jurisdiction
Carol M. Pentuic - General Jurisdiction
Richard A. Zimmer - General Jurisdiction
Peter W. Church - General Jurisdiction
Gregory G. Chickris - General Jurisdiction
William S. McNeal - General Jurisdiction

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Court Administrator's Office
Fourteenth Judicial Circuit
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