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Louisa A. Ewert - County Treasurer

Treasurer's Office – Rock Island County Treasurer & Ex-Officio County Collector

Citizens of Rock Island County:

My name is Louisa “Terronez” Ewert, I was first elected in November, 2010 to serve as the County Treasurer for a 4 year term that began December, 2010. I was re-elected to this position and began my second 4 year term on December 1, 2014, this term will extend through November 30, 2018. I have worked in the Treasurers’ office since 1993 starting as an Assistant Cashier and have worked in every position during my past 22 years of service with Rock Island County! I have had the pleasure of working with and for the past 2 elected Treasurers and my office will continue to run as efficiently & prudently as it has in the past.  It will be my pleasure to assist the taxpayers and taxing bodies of Rock Island County, as well as working with the various county offices and employees for the betterment of our government and community!

I consider myself the “Banker” for Rock Island County and my duties include:

County Treasurer: Responsible for receiving, recording and depositing receipts for over 90 County Funds which includes banking, investments, monthly reconciliation and reporting. Payroll distribution of checks and direct deposits for all County offices, including payroll tax reporting/payments for Federal and State, FICA/Medicare. Accounts Payable account which involves banking; positive pay maintenance and counter signature. Maintain Trust Account, Bankruptcy Court payments, Forest Preserve, Bi-State & JTPA funds management. Probation funds tracking of revenues & expenses for annual report to State. Seek and collect RFP bid notices for loans. Issue Mobile Home Tax Certifications on behalf of Secretary of State.

Ex-Officio County Collector: Responsible for Printing, Mailing (inc maintenance) statements, Collection, Investment and Distribution of Rock Island County Taxes, which include Real Estate, Mobile Home, Railroad, and Housing Authority taxes. This includes billing of over 66,000 parcels which will generate over 219 million in distributions to over 200 taxing bodies. We oversee, collect and record all tax payments from 100's of mortgage lenders, 19 local banks & credit unions, auto-payments, online payments, in-house, drop box and mailed. Responsible for publication notice of delinquent taxpayers, certified delinquent tax mailing and oversee annual Tax Sale and Auction. Maintain Sr. Deferral applications, liens and tax payments for State. Track compliance of FYE Certificate of Publication requirement of all taxing bodies to determine eligibility of tax distributions. Collect and oversee Drainage Union District taxes.

If you have any questions regarding the information provided on the pages under Rock Island County Treasurers’ office, feel free to contact me at (309)558-3510 or e-mail me at: Click to send e-mail.

Louisa A. Ewert
County Treasurer

Treasurer's Office - Announcements

Real Estate & Mobile Home Tax Deadlines

*Effective November 22, 2014 only cash, cashier's check, certified check or money order will be accepted as payment.

*Taxes not paid by Friday, December 5, 2014 will be published as delinquent ($10.00 certified mailing & publication fee will be added).

*Tax payments will be accepted in the Treasurer's office at 1504 3rd Ave, Rock Island, IL through 4:30 pm on Monday, December 29, 2014.

*The Tax Sale will be on Tuesday, December 30, 2014 at 9:00 am. No payments will be accepted on 12/30/14!

Lists of Real Estate & Mobile Home Delinquent Taxes

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