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Our Mission Statement: To provide fair, accurate, and equitable assessments to all property owners in Rock Island County

To All Rock Island County Taxpayers:

Your township assessor is currently reviewing assessments for the 2022 year, which will be payable in 2023. If you would like to have your assessment reviewed, feel free to contact your  township assessor.

Assessments are determined by your township assessor for a four year period. The four year period we are currently in started with the 2019 assessment year and will continue through the 2022 assessment year.

In the first year of the general assessment period, which was 2019, the Illinois Property Tax Code ExternalLink.gif directs the township assessor "in person or by deputy (to) actually view and determine as near as practicable the value of each property listed for taxation as of January 1 of that year...."

The Property Tax Code informs assessment officials that the property record system shall include up-to-date and complete tax maps, ownership lists, valuation standards (calculation used to value your property) and property record cards, including appraisals, for all or any part of the property in the township. The township assessor maintains property record cards and are available by contacting your township assessor. These records are public records, and shall be available for public inspection during business hours, subject to reasonable rules and regulations of the custodian of the records.

In early fall, we will be mailing a notice of assessments to all taxpayers who receive a change in their 2022 assessment. This notice will provide you with your total assessment. This information will also be available on our website at

These assessment changes will also be published in the Dispatch/Argus newspaper at the time of our mailing the assessment notice.

Should you have any questions about the assessment process, feel free to contact me.

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Larry A. Wilson
Chief County Assessor

Chief County Assessor/Board of Review - Announcements

Board of Review Mailing Final Decisions
The Rock Island County Board of Review's date for mailing final decisions is January 27, 2023. The last day to file at the Property Tax Appeal Board is February 27, 2023. Forms can be obtained from the State of Illinois website at ExternalLink.gif or at the Supervisor of Assessment's office, 2nd floor, 1504 Third Avenue, Rock Island, IL 61201. Click here PDF Document to view the 2022 Board of Review changes.
Low Income Senior Freeze Applications Mailing
The Rock Island County Chief Assessor's Office will be mailing the Low Income Senior Citizen Assessment Freeze applications on January 30, 2023. All Seniors who received the Low Income Senior Citizen Assessment Freeze Exemption in 2022 will receive these forms. If you have never received this exemption before, you may request an application to be mailed to you by calling (309) 558-3660, or Click the link above to obtain more information regarding the exemption, or to download the application.
Tax Bill Frequently Asked Questions
Do you have questions regarding your tax bill? Click here PDF Document to view our tax bill frequently asked questions.

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