Court Administration:

Court Administrator's Office
Fourteenth Judicial Circuit

Judge's Directory

Circuit Judges - Rock Island County

Frank R. Fuhr, Chief Judge
Clarence M. Darrow, Presiding Judge – Civil Division/Acting Chief Judge
Carol M. Pentuic - Rock Island County Arbitration Supervising Judge
John  L McGehee – Civil Division
Linnea E. Thompson - Probate/Civil Division
James G. Conway – Civil Division
Kathleen E. Mesich - Civil Division
Peter W. Church - Civil Division

Circuit & Associate Judges - Mercer County

James G. Conway, Presiding Judge - Mercer County
Gregory G. Chickris - Mercer County

Circuit Judge - Henry County

Terry M. Patton, Presiding Judge - Henry County
Dana R. McReynolds- Henry County

Circuit Judges - Whiteside County

Stanley B. Steines - Presiding Judge - Whiteside County
Trish A. Senneff  - Whiteside County

Associate Judges

James F. Heuerman - Whiteside County
Daniel P. Dalton - Rock Island County
James J Cosby Jr. - Henry County
Derek L. Hancks - Rock Island County
Richard A. Zimmer - Rock Island County
Michelle S. Fitzsimmons - Rock Island County
Ted Kutsunis - Rock Island County Juvenile Judge
Norma Kauzlarich - Rock Island County
Clayton R. Lee - Rock Island County

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Scheduling hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the Chief Judges Office. The office closes at 4:30 p.m.

Contact Dawn Tanner: (309) 558-3258

For scheduling -

Judge Frank R. Fuhr

Judge Linnea E. Thompson
Judge Norma Kauzlarich
Judge Kathleen E. Mesich

Contact Sherri Lawton : (309) 558-3259

For scheduling -

Judge John L McGehee

Judge Peter W. Church
Judge James G. Conway

Judge C. Michael Darrow

Contact Vicki Bluedorn: (309) 558-3289

For scheduling -

All Associate Judges

      All scheduling for Civil and Criminal matters will need to be scheduled in the Court Administrator's Office on the 3rd floor Suite 304 of the Rock Island County Courthouse. If you call for scheduling for any Judge in the above please have all Attorney's or their scheduler's on the phone before calling us.

      Due to high volume of phone calls please if the phone continues to ring and no one answers we are busy helping other Attorney's with scheduling please call back. The telephone system that we have at this time does not allow us to answer or does not transfer to anyone else's phone.

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Court Administrator's Office
Fourteenth Judicial Circuit
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1317 3rd Ave, Suite 304, Rock Island, IL 61201

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