Highway Department:

Highway Department

Highway Department Staff

County Engineer:
John C. Massa

Maintenance Foreman:
Charley Reiss

Assistant Foreman:      Jacob Waterman

Maintenance Garage Hours: 7:00 A.M. - 3:00 P.M. 

The County Engineer, subject to the general supervision of the County Board and to the rules and regulations of the Illinois Department of Transportation, administers the County Highway Department which constructs and maintains 202 miles of County Highways and 33 bridges in Rock Island County.

The County Highway Department prepares road and bridge plans and is responsible for the supervision and inspection of all construction and maintenance projects on the County Highways. The Highway Department also provides information on road plans and right-of-way and upon request; the Department provides advice and assistance to the 14 Township Road Commissioners concerning the 401 miles of highways and 46 bridges under township jurisdiction.

The County Highway Department is also responsible for the maintenance and repair of all County Highways including the following services:
  • snow removal and ice control
  • mowing, weed spraying and cleaning of county right-of-ways
  • improvements and maintenance of drainage structures
  • inspection, repair, and painting of bridges
  • pavement repairs
  • sign installation and repair
  • paint striping
  • establishment and posting of speed limits

Dead Animals:
Dead animals on the roadway can often times be a hazard to the traveling public. If a large dead animal (a large dog, deer, etc.) is laying on the roadway please contact the appropriate highway authority that has jurisdiction of that road.

Road Hazard Notification:
Often times hazardous conditions develop on public roads such as trees or limbs falling on the roadway, debris falling off of trucks, roads are washed out during heavy rainfall, water on the road, etc. If a potentially hazardous condition exists on a road you should contact the Sheriff's Department at (309) 794-9111 who will then notify the appropriate highway authority.

County Road Construction
(Dates are estimated and subject to change)

For Interstate Construction in Illinois:
Click here ExternalLink.gif for the link to information on Illinois DOT Road Construction.

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John Massa  - County Engineer
Rock Island County Highway Department (map ExternalLink.gif)
851 10th Avenue West - P.O. Box 797, Milan Illinois 61264

Phone: (309) 787-4668      Fax: (309) 787-4680     Email: [email protected]
Hours: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM - Monday thru Friday
For Comments: [email protected]
After hours, weekends and holidays: County Radio-Sheriff's Department: (309) 794-9111