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Kelly Fisher

Kelly Fisher
Rock Island County Recorder

Please Note: Any document with a legal or referring to a legal requires the 10 PIN

Per Rock Island County Board Ordinance 09218-1 dated September 18, 2018

Recording Fees - Effective December 1, 2018.

Effective OCTOBER 7, 2019 we will be accepting DEBIT/CREDIT CARDS as a payment option. GOVPAYNET will provide the service to our office. There will be a 2.65% processing fee ($1.00 minimum fee). This will be available to pay for Copies over the Phone, Email & in Office as well as in Office Recordings.

~Our current forms of payment for recordings are cash and check only~

Conforming Document (55 ILCS 5/3-5018)…………$65.00 (No Page Count)
Standard white 8.5 X 11 paper
Black or Blue ink
Minimum 10 point type/font
3 X 5 blank space in upper right corner of first page for recording info
Up to FIVE references/PINS

Exempt RHSP Conforming Document (55 ILCS 5/3-5018)…$55.00 (No Page Count): Articles of Incorporation & related documents, birth records, death certificates, marriage records (outside of Rock Island County); Judgments, Notice of Probate, Power of Attorney for property, affidavit without legal description, Certificate of Trust without legal description. State, County and City documents when paid for by the Muncipilaty.

Non Conforming Document (55 ILCS 5/3-5018)…….$86.00 (No Page Count)
Any document failing to meet the requirements listed for a Standard Document and/or Documents with more than 5 references, PINs, or legal descriptions

State/Federal Liens & Releases (770 ILCS 110/5) – See Recorder for fee

Uniform Commercial Code (all types) $39.50
Surveyor’s Monument Record $65.00
Subdivision Plats (must submit original + 3 signed copies) $81.50
Condo Declaration $65.00 No Page Count
Condo Plat $60.00

Military Discharge Records - NO FEE

Liens - Lis Pendens - Judgments

Mechanic’s Lien $65.00
Release of Mechanic’s Lien $65.00
Release of Federal Tax Lien $55.00
Release of State Tax Lien $55.00
Lis Pendens Notice $65.00
Release of Lis Pendens $65.00
Memorandum of Judgment $55.00
Release/Satisfaction of Judgment $55.00

Copy Fees:

Photocopy (Xerox) $ .50 per page
Certified Copy $49.00
File Stamped Copies $2.00 documents/$5.00 maps
Aperture Cards (microfilm) $2.00  per card
Large Maps (plat, SAM size) $3.00
Mail Requests $5.00
E-Mail Requests $2.00  plus cost of copy

Illinois Document Standardization Act
Public Act 87-1121, 55 ILCS 5/3-5018

The Recorder shall charge an additional fee for recording a document (other than a document filed under the Plat Act or UCC filings) that does not conform to the following standards:

  1. The document shall consist of one or more individual sheets measuring 8.5 inches by 11 inches, not permanently bound and not a continuous form.
  2. The document shall be printed in black or blue ink, in at least 10 point font.
  3. The document shall be on white paper not less than 20-pound weight and shall have a clean margin of at least ½ inch on top, bottom, and each side.
  4. The first page of the document shall contain a blank space, measuring at least 3 X 5 inches in the upper right corner and must also contain the title of the document.
  5. The document shall not have any attachments stapled, taped, or otherwise affixed to any page.
  6. Documents referencing 6 or more Tax Parcel Identification No.'s(PINS)

A document that does not conform to these standards shall not be recorded except upon payment of hte additional fee of $86.00.

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