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Result TypePART 84/24/2018 7:42:35 AM

PART 8. RULES RELATING TO PROBATE (a) Probate forms now on file and numbered p-1A through p-145, as amended from time to time, shall be used in the Fourteenth Judicial Circuit. (b) Where multi-page documents are required, the backs of the papers shall be utilized in such manner that same may be read...

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Result TypeDownloadable Court Forms - Circuit Clerk9/17/2021 2:21:15 PM

Circuit Clerk's Office Downloadable Court Forms Affidavit Of Foreign Judgment Affidavit Of Service Of Landlords Five Day Notice - Approved Statewide Forms Annual Report On Ward Adult Answer - Approved Statewide Forms Answer to Complaint for Forfeiture - Approved Statewide Form Answer To Mortgage For...

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Result TypeHome Page - General Division - Circuit Clerk6/10/2021 7:45:11 AM

Circuit Clerk's Office General Division The General Division of the Rock Island County Circuit Clerk’s Office processes filings in civil cases. These types of cases are listed below and are basically anything non-criminal. Most civil cases require a filing fee, which you can see a listing of those f...

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Result TypeDirectory - Circuit Clerk6/9/2021 3:46:26 PM

Circuit Clerk's Office Directory To reach our office by phone, please dial (309) 558-3538 or the other numbers listed for that specific department. Office Phone - Accounting & Child Support Division - E-mail Rock Island County Courthouse 1317 3 rd Ave, Suite 101 Rock Island IL 61201 Administrati...

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Result TypeDownloadable Court Rules and Forms (Rules of Practice)10/19/2021 3:33:27 PM

Court Administrator's Office Fourteenth Judicial Circuit Local Court Rules and Forms (Rules of Practice) Local Court Rules (Rules of Practice) Rules of Practice of the 14th Judicial Circuit Court (Complete Packet) - 3 MB Rules of Practice of the 14th Judicial Circuit Court (Complete Packet) - 3 MB -...

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Result TypeJudges Directory7/7/2021 3:33:36 PM

Court Administrator's Office Fourteenth Judicial Circuit Judge's Directory Circuit Judges - Rock Island County Frank R. Fuhr, Chief Judge Clarence M. Darrow, Presiding Judge – Civil Division/Acting Chief Judge Carol M. Pentuic - Rock Island County Arbitration Supervising Judge John L McGehee – Civil...

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Result TypeFees - Recorders Office6/10/2021 9:05:12 AM

Recorder's Office Recorders Fees Kelly Fisher Rock Island County Recorder Please Note: Any document with a legal or referring to a legal requires the 10 PIN Per Rock Island County Board Ordinance 09218-1 dated September 18, 2018 Recording Fees - Effective December 1, 2018. Effective OCTOBER 7, 2019 ...

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Result TypeGeneral Information - Circuit Clerk6/9/2021 3:47:33 PM

Circuit Clerk's Office General Information The Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court is a Constitutional Office. The Clerk is Elected on a Countywide Basis by the citizens of Rock Island County for a four-year term. The Circuit Clerk is a non-judicial office of the Judicial Branch of Illinois Sta...

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Result TypeCourt Case Types - Circuit Clerk6/9/2021 3:44:29 PM

Circuit Clerk's Office Court: Case Types Case Code Letter and Category Outline Civil and Juvenile (AD) Adoption (AR) Arbitration {Mandatory Arbitration} (CC) Contempt of Court (CF) Felony (CH) Chancery Construction of inter vivos trust Construction of testamentary trust (after P case has been dispos...

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Result TypePART 24/23/2018 12:56:09 PM

PART 2. ASSIGNMENT AND SUBSTITUTION OF JUDGES IN CIVIL CASES 2.1 ASSIGNMENT OF JUDGES All civil cases shall be assigned within the counties of this circuit as follows: (a) In Rock Island County: (1) All L, LM, MR, CH, TX, D, OP, F and ED cases are assigned on filing under procedures established by a...

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